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Gas Stations Services

Gas Stations

Gas Stations – There’s no reason for your gas station to experience delays or problems at the fuel pump. Impact Payment Parters provides processing services for the gas industry that feature integration and greater customer satisfaction. Our IP solutions are specifically for the gas industry, offering pay-at-the-pump card processors.

With efficient transport solutions, we provide significantly shorter lead times to utilize rapid connectivity for merchants. Additionally, we provide secure transactions at a lower cost than satellite along with automated rollover to a fast dial backup. The data routes we utilize go through continual enhancement so your customers enjoy superior service.

Impact Payment Partners Buypass certifications include:

You can also serve your corporate clients with our convenient fleet card programs. Impact provides all varieties of fleet card processing – we work with all the major national fleet card systems. Consequently, you’ll keep your customers very happy.

Serving the Illinois Service Station Industry

We proudly offer fleet card services such as:

  • Voyager Fleet. With more than one million cards in national circulation, Voyager Fleet meets the processing needs of larger fleets. For example, their customers include the United States Postal Service, and the General Service Administration.
  • Wright Express. A large majority of fueling locations across the nation accept this card. The customer base of Wright Express includes both governmental agencies as well as large companies.
  • Fleet One. An affiliate of SunTrust Banks, Fleet One is among the nation’s biggest commercial banking institutions. Fleet One provides fuel card services and many other solutions for its customers.
  • Fuelman. This fleet card system serves merchants too. Fleet managers receive a processing system that controls spending and streamlines billing. In addition, it provides easy access to administrative support that’s available 24/7.

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