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Answers to Frequently Answered Questions:


* The Ever-Increasing Costs of Doing Business are Making it Necessary to Make Critical Changes

COVID-19 Costs and Business Losses, Rent, Fuel, Staffing, Wage Increases, & Inventory Costs, the monthly cost of doing business is growing out of control with no end in sight!

* Cash Discount programs are 100% Compliant with Federal and State Laws

Recent laws passed by Congress do not allow any of the payment card networks to restrict a businesses’ ability to utilize a cash discount program.

* If You Raise Your Prices to Offset Processing Fees it Will Cost You, Customers.

Raising your prices will cost you far more overall, than simply implementing a cash discount program like IBUXX.

* Rising Minimum Wage Rates are Coming Quickly!

In the U.S. minimum wage rates are increasing, States like California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and many others are significantly increasing the cost of doing business.

* Miscellaneous Fees, & Other Mysterious Junk Fees are Costing You Serious Profits!  Why?

Can anyone even understand all the Never-Ending Miscellaneous Fees & Junk fees on your monthly processing statement?  No need to with Cash Discounting! They ALL Disappear!

* The U.S. Has the Highest Interchange Rates

US-based payment card networks have their interchange rates unregulated. Networks like Visa, MasterCard, etc. are thus allowed to charge what they want. These Interchange fees will be a continually increasing cost to your bottom line.

* No Need for Minimum Credit / Debit Card Signs

No need to display minimum debit or credit card sale signs when you use Cash Discounting.