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Check Processing Services – Practically any type of business will need to handle checks at one point or another. The most efficient step you can take is to implement a check processing service.

Impact Payment Partners designs such services that keep you and your clients safe while also boosting sales and lowering risks. Without a doubt, we know that your top priority is keeping your customers happy.

With our effective guarantee and check verification programs there’s no more concerns over bad checks.

With Impact Payment Partners Check Processing Services Your Business Can:

With check acceptance services by Impact Payment Partners, your business receives the safety and efficiency it requires. Talk with our representatives today to learn more about our check processing services.

While the exchange of paper checks might seem “old school” it still remains in use to this day across a range of industries. After depositing a check at your local bank, the funds typically transfer electronically. That’s the main reason it’s possible for checks to deposit and clear within a day.

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The practices for electronic check processing was set by the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act back in 2004. Rather than continuing to send checks via mail before making payment, the act enables banks to process and transmit them.

However, streamlining the process didn’t change how soon banks have to make funds accessible to depositors. Because of speedier clearance times, some funds might be available sooner even though the balance may take a few days.

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